The Hate That Divides Us

When I think about what happened today 18 years ago, I can’t help but think of the terror we are experiencing from within too. The problem is so much deeper than a country, a race, a religion, or a culture.

America has a problem. In America, we no longer understand what it means to be a community, a village, or so it seems.

When we look at our “leaders.” We see fighting and hate. We don’t see people coming together to find a common ground for the best of the people. We see insults and a focus on personal agendas.

If that is what we see, imagine what others outside our country see. Why are we are target for terror inside and outside our walls? Because we created it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying the people who committed these crimes are innocent. And, I’m not saying we are responsible for their actions. But, I am saying we as a country have created a placed where hate abounds.

At different periods of time, we directed it at different populations of people, you insert the races, religions, etc. that apply here. But, our amazing ability to connect virtually with people has diminished the respect we have for one another. Online, many of us say things we would NEVER say to people in person, especially if we knew their stories.

How do we come back from here?

In times of tragedy, communities pull together. That’s what happened in 9/11. That’s what happened in every community so far that was touched by a widely publicized mass shooting. The village, near and far, came together to meet the needs of the community, of the people, the individuals. They even came together to meet the needs of those individuals they may have been quick to hate online. Why? Because they knew at least part of the story.

How do we impact the terror on our country? How do we change our trajectory as a nation?


We need to get to know our communities, to learn people’s stories. And, we need to trust that most people, most of the time, seek to do the best they can wth what they know and have available.

There is always a gap. But, we need to trust people’s intentions, even if they seem stupid or neglectful, or even hateful. Most people really are doing the best they can.

Are there exceptions? Absolutely!

But, they are just that, exceptions. Stop treating the exceptions as if they are the norm. Seek to find the best in people and genuinely help them fill the gaps in their own knowledge, abilities, and resources.

Stop the hate. Be the difference. And, use your votes to change the culture of our country. Find people who seek to bring us together instead of tear us apart.

This is not a political post. This is a heartfelt plea to help change our communities by first changing ourselves, and second by not allowing hate to be the face of our country, on either side of the political divide.

Be Amazing, Be Brilliant,


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