When things go right, everything will go wrong…

Can anyone relate?

Do you every wonder why when good things happen, bad things begin to happen?

I have heard it from multiple people at different stages of my life. Most recently, from a friend who told me she saw good things happening in my life and to watch because the enemy would begin to attack me. If you are of the Christian faith, any denomination, that makes sense. If you aren’t, I would compare it to the universe trying to test your commitment to the path you are on. Either way, I think most of us can relate to the feeling of frustration when bad things happen in the midst of the good. frustration

The universe or the enemy or whatever you want to call it is saying, “How committed are you to the outcome you are working toward? Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen? Or, will these negative situations push you to give up… again…”

Too often in life, we allow the frustration to dictate our success. We don’t allow ourselves to push through the bad and usher in the good. We give up and give in because it is just too hard to endure.

BUT, it isn’t too hard to endure if you have people around to encourage you. We just aren’t meant to endure it alone. Each of us has what it takes to push through the bad to the good. We have to decide what we want and take action. We must surround ourselves with people who will believe in us, tell us the truth when we need it, and support our effort to focus on the good, despite the bad.

girl-36760_1280We don’t have to give up or give in when life hits us on the head with a big wood bat. We can take the hit and get up swinging. It just takes some cheers from the crowd.

Be the difference in someone’s life. If you see someone going through a hard time, even if it appears they are okay, step in a tell them it will be alright. Tell them how strong you think they really are and help them believe in their own endurance.

This blog was inspired by an anti-bullying event I went to today. A young man name Jared Scott Salas who spoke to a room of kids and parents about the importance of taking time to tell someone they good you see in them. He said, “It only takes 5 seconds to be the difference in someone’s life.”

The hard times will always come when things are going well, and sometimes it may feel like the bad times just keep coming. If it doesn’t ever feel like that, you aren’t growing. Things that don’t grow die. Growth is necessary for life.

Remember to reach out to others when you are feeling the frustration. Remember to reach out to others when you think they are feeling the frustration.

connectTake 5 seconds right now and let someone know how strong you think he is and how capable she is of enduring the storm.

5 seconds is all it takes to make a difference. You are not alone.

Be Brilliant. Be Amazing. BeYOUtiful.



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