Embrace your stutter

Last week’s training was a life changing experience for me. Even though it was not a “religious” event, it was very spiritual for me and many others.

I heard so much from God about what direction I need to take in the future. I received confirmation about some choices in my life and saw how others could distract me from my goals. I ended the week with a firm commitment to take my daughter to church, not matter how I felt and despite my fears about it.

So, Sunday, I attended church for the first time in a few years. I was afraid, but I did it anyway. One of the life changing things about last week were the divine encounters I experienced every day, several times a day. I felt the Lord calling me back to the church building for fellowship and for my daughter, who had been asking me for months to take her to church, to have fellowship as well. She felt alone, and so did I.

For the record, I do have six kids but this child had attended Bible study all last school year and was baptized at camp this summer; so, she is the one who was in my mind while all of the spiritual encounters took place last week.

Back to the story…

At church Sunday, the pastor talked about Moses and how Moses felt his stutter was a hindrance to doing the work of God. He begged God to choose someone else to do the work. Moses was afraid his problems would prevent Pharaoh from listening to his story.

In reality he was afraid to tell his story. He was afraid of being judged. He was afraid he would not be able to do the thing that needed to be done because he didn’t measure up to what he thought people and society accepted. He was afraid to put himself out there and risk what might happen next.

Last week I challenged everyone to share their story. How many of you were afraid to tell your story? How many of you are afraid of being judged? How many of you are afraid you will not be able to do the thing that needs to be done because you won’t measure up to someone else’s expectation? How many of you are afraid of being rejected?

Me too. I am afraid too.

You are not alone. Moses felt that way. I feel that way. I would go so far as to say most people have felt that way throughout time and most people feel that way now. Moses was right. His fears were true. He was judged. He was not accepted. His concerns were justified. But he was also very, very wrong about what that would happen because of his choice to share his story. Because, Moses helped God change lives when he told it.

Sharing YOUR story might change someone’s life too. Your story might be just the thing your neighbor needs to hear to break free from her own turmoil. Your story of hope could be the last thing a desperate teenager sees before attempting to take his own life. You story of frustration could be the one that helps your friend finally realize she is not alone. Your story needs to be shared.

Sharing your story is not going to be easy. All your fears might come true. I won’t lie to you about the potential for negative feelings or persecution. But, I will tell you your story has the potential to do great things for other people. Your story can make a difference.

Look at Moses. He led people out of slavery into the promised land. It was NOT easy. It was difficult. It was back breaking. But, it was also beautiful. Think of all the people whose lives were positively affected because he chose to step beyond his limiting beliefs about himself and share his story.

Today, I challenge you to push past your own fears and limiting beliefs. Stop listening to the self doubt whispering in your ear that you will be better off keeping your story to yourself. And, start telling other people what you have overcome. Start spreading the message that we are not alone. Set yourself free, and let your story set someone else free. Let your story be a beacon of light to people around. Do it afraid.

Spread hope. Spread life. Spread love.

Tell your story.



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