Are you a fan girl/boy, or are you in it for the long haul?

Last week, at the John Maxwell Team International Certification conference, I chose not to stand in line with hundreds of people to have a fan girl moment… to have my book signed by the man himself, John Maxwell. Now, don’t get me wrong, in the past, I would have stood in line to have a book signed by someone. I have done it before when I knew that moment was the only one I might every have to do it.

So, what changed? Why didn’t I stand in that line and get my book signed?

The answer is simple. I’m no longer just a fan girl. I knew I would have another moment.

That moment caused me to reflect on the past to figure out what changed and when…because trust me when I say, I KNOW HOW to be a good fan girl. When Sir Ken Robinson came to Midland, I stood in that like to have him sign my book. Granted, that book line wasn’t as long as the one last week, and I knew it might be the only time I was in the room with the man…but still, something had to have changed.

Then it hit me, nothing had changed. This was just something I planned to stick around for. I realized, I wasn’t worried about getting a book signed or getting a picture taken with John Maxwell because I knew I would be around for the long haul. I planned to live my dream, which involved using the training, curriculum, and resources I now had access to as a John Maxwell Team member. I was going to stick around for the long haul.

You see, when you know you only have one chance to do something, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen if it’s important to you. That is a great thing. But, when you know you are likely to have many other opportunities to do the thing because you plan to be around for the long haul, the urgency changes.

When I originally thought to write this post, I was excited to know my mindset was to be part of the John Maxwell Team for the long haul. But, now, as I sit here almost a week later reflecting on the experience, I realize the catch 22 of my mindset.

Yes, it is good to commit to the long haul, and it’s important to do it. On the other hand, commitment can derail us just as much as the fan girl/guy mentality. Commitment can sometimes remove the urgency you need to make things happen.

Last week I was still on an emotional high from the energy at the conference. Today, I am faced with the day to day work that goes into making things happen. Today is when the commitment needs to kick in, and today is when it is harder to do it.

You see, the urgency of a fan and the commitment for the long haul are BOTH necessary to make things happen in life. A fan girl without commitment is likely to fizzle out when opposition comes or nothing happens. And, a long haul mentality has the potential to paralyze you when you need to act in the moment.

One of John Maxwell’s books is titled, Today Matters. I think today is a good day for me to read it. Because, I truly am in the coaching, speaking, and training business for the long haul; and, the biggest killer of dreams is apathy.

Apathy is both a lack of energy and of commitment. Apathy will paralyze you in the short and the long term. Apathy will suck the life out of your dream and possibly out of you.

I don’t want apathy to kill my dream because I want my dream to be a reality, both now and in the future.

What about you? What do you allow apathy to kill? What dream do need energy and commitment to fulfill?

YOU have the power to break through apathy and stop it from killing that dream. You have the power to be a fan girl/guy AND to be committed to the long haul.

Let’s do it together. Let’s make our dreams come true.

Be Brilliant. Be Amazing. BeYOUtiful.


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