I promise, I will get better…

Right now, I am sitting in my hotel room, and my brain is complete jello. There is very little rational thought still happening in it. I have started and rewrote this blog post at least 3 times.

I have so many ideas in it they are crashing into each other and losing all sense.

I really want to share how amazing today has been for me. I want to poor my heart out to you and pray you receive a gift from what I have been given. Instead, the ideas are a muddle in my head. They yearn to be set free but are lost in the abundance of learning I experienced today.

Today, I spent all day learning from some of the top leaders in the John Maxwell Team and from John Maxwell himself. It was so much information, and it was so valuable. It is still so valuable, and it will continue to be so valuable for the remainder of my life.

One thing I can tell you about the day, is I am not perfect. I know, I know. You must be shocked to hear that tidbit of information… 😉

Last night, I discovered that I had forgotten an important piece of information for this event. I had to give a 5 minute speech that followed the John Maxwell Method of Speaking. When I overheard two amazing women discussing this 5 minute opportunity, I panicked a bit. I hadn’t even studied that part of the training yet because I had focused on coaching! What was I supposed to do now!?!?!

Well, what I did do was try to throw something together.

In the morning, I thought about point I wanted to make with my story. I thought about what stories I could use and what point I could make with them. I kept ending up at the same place. My life was built in layers and I could not nail down any one story to share the impact of life’s lessons on me. All those life lessons were actually compounded lessons that happened over time. I worked hard to come up with what I thought was a good representation of my actual speaking skills.

I was right; it was a good representation of my speaking skills. I received good feedback and was encouraged by the responses I received from my table mates. But, then we paused our own stories to hear stories of those farther along in their walks. WOW…

I am happy to let you know that I still have LOTS of room to grow and learn how to be a better coach, speaker, trainer, wife, mom, daughter, friend…and in just about every other way known to man… BUT, that is a GOOD thing. Watching people with powerful stories share how those stories had impacted their lives through transformational lessons was a truly mind blowing experience. It really is no wonder my mind is shutting down for the night. I learned so much from sharing my story and then watching others share theirs. It is good to know I am open to seeing areas where I have potential to change and improve.

Today, I watched thousands of people push past their comfort zone today as they shared a 5 minute story with their table group. I watched others in a different place in their journey share personal, impactful stories from their lives and teach valuable lessons as they did it. I also saw world class speakers share their stories and experiences. Each of my team members who shared today impacted my life in a meaningful way because I learned more ways to grow. I learned that my story will have more meaning as I continue to grow in the ways I was shown today.

This blog is part of my story. Here, I share my stories in the hopes you will relate and receive something from them. My stories are a way of giving and a way of release.  I share them here for you and for me. They are my life life blood, spirit, and soul.

You will be happy to know I learned a lot today and over time my story telling will improve because of it. As the transformational change within me continues, everything around me will improve, and the stories are no exception.

I knew when I got to Florida that this was going to be a momentous week in my life, and I was right.

The path I have just stepped onto is going to be a catalyst for the next leg of my journey, of my legacy. Everyone around me will benefit from it.

As I get better, people around me will get better too.

As the things I do get better, the impact I make on the world will get better. People will grow. My life will have more meaning. The world will change.

Yes, I said, the world will change.

Yes, it is presumptuous, but it is true.

As John Maxwell said several times today, mass movements don’t begin with the masses, they begin with the few. And, the few begins with me and you. I am here for me, but I am also here for you. Together, we are the beginning of a mass movement. We are the change we want to see in the world. The change begins will me and then, through my stories, transfers to you.

Be Amazing. Be Brilliant. BeYOUtiful.




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