Like Minded People

This is my view as I sit her tonight and type out these words to you.


Yesterday, I arrived at this beautiful hotel, ready and prepare for a week of growth and learning. I was blessed to see the beauty of Orlando and the hotel, but I that’s now really what I am here for.

I am enjoying it. I am soaking it up. But, really, I am looking at that hotel in the distance.20180805_223612 The one where my John Maxwell Group International Certification is taking place. The hotel, the name of which is not as important as what it holds for me this week, is the epicenter of a life changing transformation I am in right now. One that will allow me to add even more value to the people around me.

It is my happy place.

Today was just my first day at this training. It was a day of questions and introductions. But, it was also a day of confirmation and knowing I am on the right path.

I frequently talk about purpose and vision, and I mean every word I say about those topics. I have built my life on finding my way to my own personal meaning and purpose. My life has been a maze, full of different path that lead to a dead end…or so I thought.

In reality, my life has been built in layers of circumstances, education, experiences, and careers that have brought me to the precipice of new beginnings. I have lived my life with an appreciation for risk taking and an understanding that it frequently involves me jumping into the seemingly unknown places of life. I thrive in times where I have to learn to survive, in a manner of speaking. Definitely, don’t put me in a cage with a hungry lion or in a place where I have to live off the land… However, I love to learn as I go, which isn’t necessarily for everyone. Ray Bradbury, author of several science fiction books, says, “Sometime you just have to jump, and build your wings on the way down. I do that, and I do it well, most of the time.

But, guess what?!?@

So do all of the people I am meeting at this conference. I am in a room full of people who are willing to risk it all to add meaning and value to those around them. John Maxwell himself speaks of jumping into the next step and building your wings on the way down. He says, “Do it afraid.”

I have finally found a tribe of like minded people.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been a part of many groups whose values are aligned with my own. LimeLife is one of them. And, I am every so grateful to have been blessed by the people and experiences so far.

But, this tribe is different.

Many of the individuals I have met today are on a similar journey of self discovery, recovery and healing from the past, and set on a determined path to make a difference in the lives of the people they work, live, and play with. They are my tribe.

They are filled with the same passion and purpose I have seen from the other groups whose values are aligned with my own, but they are even more than that. Words just can’t describe what I am experiencing this week.

This blog post in my feeble attempt to give life to my experience, and it doesn’t quite do it justice. It doesn’t do justice to the people I have met whose lives have already touched my own. People from all over the world, literally, from all different denominations, cultures, and countries.

The theme for this training is Unity through Diversity. Diversity. The forbidden yet trending topic of the year. Diversity.

It takes us all to make the world work, and our differences should make us stronger. Our like mindedness should make us a unit.

A powerful, united group of like minded people out to change the world.

If you have been lacking meaning and fulfillment in your life, the time has come to find your purpose. Because, a a tribe of people, including me, is just waiting to help you do it and provide the support to make you succeed.

The time is NOW. Find your purpose.

Be Brilliant. Be Amazing. BeYOUtiful.



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