A new day…

Every morning we wake up and it’s a new day. It’s an opportunity to forget the mistakes of yesterday and grow from the lessons they taught us.

Today, is a new day. A new day to grow and follow your purpose.

Purpose is what sounds the alarm every morning and pushes you out of bed on those difficult days. Vision is what directs the choices you make and what helps you try and avoid the mistakes of yesterday.

To keep growing in life, we must take time to reflect on our past choices. Reflection is absolutely necessary to change and grow. However, reflection is only helpful if you use it to look for a new way, a way to break the cycle and create a new path forward. Dwelling on yesterday’s choices and dragging them into a new day will not help you. This is where we can get caught in the negative self talk that so easily takes over and snuffs out the joy that comes in the morning.

Today, don’t get stuck there. Take a moment and learn the lessons you need to learn from yesterday; but, then create your plan to move forward in purpose and vision.

Find your alarm and blast it on your bluetooth speaker; focus on the push that gets you out of bed and use it to propel you all the way into the shower; cleanse your soul with joy that comes from knowing a new opportunity is before you.

Use today to walk forth in purpose and vision. Use purpose and vision to create today.

Make today brilliant. Make today amazing. Make today beYOUtiful.


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