Who am I? Really…

Have you ever found yourself asking that question? Have you ever sat and looked at your life, only to wonder who you are deep inside? What makes you uniquely you?

It is easy to say it is our unique blend of life experiences who make up our core. But, is it truly who we are inside?  Does it describe us to the true depth that lies within, or does it scratch the surface and leave room for imagination.

Today, I find myself contemplating this question. I am reading the book PAiLS by Chris Brady. It is perfectly aligned with what I want to help people do…to find their one true purpose and step into it… Purpose is about the authentic you at the core of your being. Purpose is found in the hidden part of your soul that yearns to be let loose. Purpose is uniquely you.

Purpose looks different for every person. We aren’t all called to be Jimmy Buffett, President Barack Obama, or John Maxwell. But, I know deep within me that we each have a specific purpose on this earth, to bring value to the lives we touch, be it millions or just a few. Purpose isn’t diminished by the number of lives you touch. Some of us are called to touch millions of lives, as in the aforementioned cases. But, some of us are called to touch the lives of our families and friends in ways that are much more profound than we realize. What is important is that no one can replace the purpose you are here for. No one can be uniquely you, but you.

It is with this sense of purpose within me that I find myself finally putting to words why my purpose is found in The Brilliant Division. I don’t just want to help the people who call themselves leaders. In fact, for many leaders, I am not the right person to make an impact in their lives. There are many coaches and speakers who can fill that role and do it very well because it is their purpose.

My purpose is not about me; my purpose is about you. You who struggle with figuring out who you are and what your life is here for. You who are broken, who are lonely, who are downcast, and those who are tenderhearted and unsure… I am here to help you discover the beauty and brilliance you hold deep within and to help you let it out for the people around you to see, whether that is few or many. I am called to help you believe in yourself and and your own innate ability to lead yourself in the direction you should go, to help you truly discover your core and your purpose.

Deep within my soul, I know I am called to make a bigger impact that I ever thought was possible, but I struggle with the same doubts all of you have about yourselves, about your own purpose. Who am I to say and believe such things about myself? Who am I to make a difference in the lives of others? Who am I to say I have a calling to help others change their worlds?

Who am I?

I am me. I am Heidi Kirk. I am simple. I am a mess. I am a beacon. I am unique. I am me. And, I am finally grounded in my purpose to build The Brilliant Division through the lives who are touched with the Belief, Brilliance and Beauty that is within their own souls. The Brilliant Division is not about me; it is about you.

Be Brilliant and Be Amazing, but most of all, be YOU!



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