Once you go Clack, you never go back.

What happens when the doctor refuses to refill your anti-depressant? You suffer…that is what happens.

Thank God he has sent me people like Jenna Clack whose desire is to help people restore their bodies to optimal health. Thank God Jenna and her partner opened ClackCo Concierge Pharmacy to do just that for me and others in the Permian Basin. Thank God I am not alone in my journey for health and happiness in my life.

The first thing I did when I couldn’t get the refill was contact Jenna and ask for help. We had already planned to try and wean me off the medication once we felt my overall nutrition had been improved to the point where we both felt I was ready to do it. We also planned to do it in conjunction with the psychiatrist, or one of his physician assistants, to ensure I took it slow and was not negatively affected by sudden withdrawals. BUT… it didn’t happen that way…

Unfortunately, you have to pay to play and since very few doctors in Midland want to accept the Healthcare Marketplace plans, I had limited options to get my prescriptions refilled. I was already out of the medication by the time I was notified about not getting a refill. Now, I was faced with the choice of paying at least $150 out of pocket to get a prescription I wanted to stop taking, or quit the medication cold turkey and risk severe depression like I had this time last year when I tried it. Jenna had to think about it, but she found an option to help me that didn’t involve sliding back into a deep depression that affected not just me but my entire family and friends who surround me.

Yes, I will end up paying the $150 I would have spent to go to the doctor, but at least I am spending it on getting off the medication now. The process is already proving more difficult than it had to be because I am quitting the anti-depressants so abruptly, but at least I have someone willing to support me on my journey. At least I have Jenna Clack.

Some people may think I am a quack to trust Clack, but I know differently. I have experienced first hand how she has helped guide me to better health and weight loss, which by the way was a by-product of the journey to better health, not the focus of it.

Now, I have an opportunity to quit a drug that is known to alter the mind in dangerous ways. Now, I can move further into my journey for creating a better version of me.

The journey is already difficult. The journey is already pushing my emotional boundaries and causing an upheaval in my life. But, I am still not alone. I have Jenna, my family, and my friends to help me every step of the way.

In the infamous words of my beautiful advisor, Jenna Clack, “Once you go Clack, you never go back.” Health is my future, and Clack has my back. What more can I ask for?

Be amazing and be brilliant. You have people who need you to be.

— Heidi

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