Heidi, what happened with LimeLight?

I am glad you asked… LimeLight is still an important part of my journey. Not simply because I love their products, but mostly because I love the people. As companies grow, the danger that someone will go rogue in the brand increases. One thing I have grown to appreciate about LimeLight is they are always watching for it. LimeLight’s brand is so important to them, they will not risk it, for anyone.

In my time with the company, I have seen Michelle and Madison, our co-CEOs, make decisions to sacrifice money for the sake of protecting their vision and mission, to empower people to empower and inspire others. They do not tolerate negativity or intimidation, but they take time to coach, train, and counsel people who fall into those traps. Beauty Guides who choose to continue with practices that are not empowering of others are terminated or not renewed with the company. To some, this seems like an injustice. However, to me and anyone else who has seen the heart of our culture, the heart of our CEOs, the heart of our leaders, or the heart of LimeLight itself, we know that decisions made are to protect us, our culture, and our brand.

It is for these reasons that I cannot imagine a life without LimeLight. I cannot fathom leaving the heart of the company behind, even as I discover more about my own humanity and the goals of my heart. Over the last two months, I have examined my heart, my character, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I have come back to a place of understanding of my own potential, of my own happiness, and of my own making. While this examination has caused me to pursue additional avenues of self gratification, it has also confirmed in my heart that I am home at LimeLight.

I am now okay with the fact that my business will not look like the next person’s. I am okay with the fact that my own weaknesses are the cause of my slow path. I am okay with the fact that I will likely never be the person at the top of the company. And, I am also okay with the fact that LimeLight is only part of my journey, not the journey itself.

I am a complicated individual who passionately believes we need to empower each other to be be best version of ourselves that we can be in life. I am a person who believes our diversity makes us stronger when we allow it to. I am someone whose personal vision aligns with all that LimeLight sets out to be and do for others.

I am a LimeLifer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Be amazing, be brilliant, and most of all, be YOU!


2 thoughts on “Heidi, what happened with LimeLight?”

  1. I’ve been re-evaluating my course lately (and trying to remember to proofread) to allow my personality to shine. I think I know where I want to go. I think I know what it looks like. I have to trust that this is the time. You, my dear friend, are my inspiration.

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