Discovering your passion

Why are we afraid of people finding their own passion in life?

Each of us has a different path to walk in life. But, for some reason, we want people to be just like us. I am not sure we even realize we feel this way. I watched a Facebook live video today and saw her excitement when someone decided it was time to move on from one area of her life. Her positive excitement for the next part of her journey was obvious; yet, some people were sad for the path she had chosen. In the end, I think most people who responded just wanted her to be happy. But, they were still more sad about her new path and how it might change their own experiences than they were excited that she had rediscovered her path in life.

When I think of my own journey, I often wonder how it seems to people who aren’t walking the walk with me. For those who don’t walk in my shoes, it probably seems like I am all over the place…sometimes I feel that way about it, so I understand the thought. However, my heart has stayed true to my real passion, building people up and helping them grow into better versions of themselves.

You see, we all have obstacles and failures in life that have the potential to hold us back from success. We all have different opinions of what success looks like in life. We have all experienced joy, pain, sadness, fear, and laughter in varying degrees. But, not all of us have people who value and support us for who we are and the strengths we possess despite our shortcomings.

My heart’s desire has always been to help people see their own personal value, to help people believe they can push past failures and be a better person, to help people know they have the potential for greatness…they just have to take the time to build upon it. In my plethora of experiences, my multidisciplinary approach to my own education, and in the choices I make every day, I have learned one thing above all else. We all need someone to value our potential and help us discover our passion.

I hope for most people that person is found in a parent, or at least a family member. However, for many it is found in friends, mentors, and teachers. You have the potential to help someone discover their true passion within. Be the person who values others and support them as they pursue their passions… whether you understand them or not.

That’s why I do everything I do in life. It is what makes me who I am. Whether I am the #lifelightlifer in direct sales, the account manager in marketing, the volunteer board member, the friend, the mom, or the wife, every major decision in my life is made on trying to improve the lives of those around me, of those who have trusted me to be part of their journeys.

Make a difference for someone today. I guarantee someone close to you needs it.

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