Change is good

Is it? Is change really good? If it is so good, why do we need to pay change agents high dollars to create positive change in organizations? Why do we have people live in misery in a loveless marriage? If change is good, why are we so afraid of it. My answer… because it is unknown.

It isn’t change we are afraid of. It is the possibility the change will not bring anything better. Most of us are willing to change something if we have a guarantee that the new situation will be an improvement from our current one. But, we don’t get guarantees most of the time, which makes us afraid.

Fear is a catalyst for stagnancy. Like that oxymoron right there? How can something stagnant have a catalyst? Wouldn’t that make it move? The answer is yes and it can’t. Fear paralyzes us and keeps us stuck. Have you heard the saying, “The smell of fear?” IT STINKS!! And, so does stagnant water. Personally, I don’t want to be stuck there. I really don’t. I really, really don’t. Okay, moving on…

Change is like the current. It brings life to the stagnant water. Change is necessary for life. Nothing living stays the same, EVER! I want to live my life. Therefore, I must change. It’s as simple as that. Life = Change, so my life must change for me to be alive.

My greatest joys in my life have come from running to change instead of running from it. Ray Bradbury often said, “Sometimes you have to jump and build your wings on the way down.” It’s time to jump again. Sometimes my wings don’t get built as fast as I need them to do so I am not injured. That is my failure. However, failure really does make us stronger if we let it. I am ready to jump again. Let’s hope this time my wings are built before I hit the ground and break something…

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