Sweet Sixteen

Those words took on an entirely different meaning this morning as my husband softly whispered them to me, hugged me tight to wish me a happy anniversary, and kissed me gently to show how he felt about our marriage. Today marks 16 years of ups and downs, trials and errors, good emotions and bad ones. It’s amazing we made it this far.

Our 16 years of marriage have brought us more than most marriages can bear. We have had to fight hard to make it this far. There were many days we did not “feel” like doing it anymore, but we had a decision to make on every single one of those days — Do we keep fighting or throw in the proverbial towel.

Most days we chose to fight through it. Some days that meant fighting with each other, but most it meant pulling together, despite our differences, to march ahead in unison — or as close as we could get to unison at that time. It was never easy, but always worth it, especially today.

Less than two weeks ago we were planning to separate ways because the weight of life felt like too much to bear. Today, we celebrate 16 sweet years of marriage.

That is how much things can change in short amounts of time. That is why you should never give up on something good happening in your life, even when life seems too difficult to go on. Our marriage is living proof you can survive more than you realize when you put your mind and heart into living, regardless of how your feelings “feel” about it.

Don’t underestimate your ability to push ahead when the odds are against you. Don’t underestimate your relationships that feel difficult to maintain in the moment. Don’t forget things can change from one day the next, and what seems hopeless today may be the mountain you climbed or the beast you slayed tomorrow. Don’t ever give up on yourself, or the people who believe in you in those moments when you don’t “feel” like you can do it anymore.

Feelings are fleeting and change in the blink of an eye, but you are powerful, amazing, and brilliant. You have mountains to conquer and demons to demolish. Make today your day to slay. You can do it. I believe in you.

Be amazing and brilliant today, and make it a good one. You have the power to do so.




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