Lice, lice, go away… how not to lose your s*** when the kids get it again…

To be honest, I usually lose my s*** when the kids get lice. I had a traumatic experience with it when my oldest two were little so I have a hard time keeping it together when it happens.

The past year, the kids have seemed to get it every couple month. Part of me wonders, “Am I getting it all clean?!?” I spent 2 weeks this summer forcing the kids to sleep on the cold floor and banned them from their rooms just to be sure we got rid of it…

But guess what?!?! We found it last night on two of the kids’ heads! WT*?!?!?!

I really don’t know how I kept my s*** together… other than being focused on fixing a bad nail job… But, somehow, I did.

I started today’s entry as if I had some profound advice about not losing your s***, but the truth is I don’t. I am just REALLY, REALLY proud of myself for not doing it.

On the bright side, the kids with long hair didn’t have it and we shaved the two kids heads’ that did so we should be able to nip this in the bud…hopefully, because I may start homeschooling my kids again if it doesn’t stop, NOW! But, I digress… it really is okay to lose your s*** when you deal with the devil. And, that is exactly where lice come from… I am totally convinced.

Have an amazing brilliant day my loves!

Be amazing, and be brilliant yourselves too.



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