One week later… Balancing relationships, in person and online.

Just over one week has transpired since I began to share myself with all of you. I have wanted to come here during that time but life has often stood in my way. I know I cannot be the only person who blinks and a week has passed…

Have any of you every felt that way?

I am confident many of you have experienced a hectic schedule that makes one day turn into many. Unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down for us unless we make it happen. The last week, I took somewhat of a break from social media. I focused on my husband and my family, spent time with them and set most other things to the side. It was HARD!

I thoroughly enjoyed not feeling connected to my phone, but I also thought about my business that wasn’t going to grow without me being connected to it. As digital technology has become commonplace, we have lost touch with face to face communication and the importance of shared time with those in the same room. However, intimacy over distance has improved and allowed us to create friendships from around the world. I think of my military friends and how technology has allowed them a glimpse into the lives they miss when deployed…

But, should we also  forget those who are in the same room with us?

Managing our relationships with those in close proximity is just as important as maintaining connection with family and friends across the miles. But, we too often sacrifice one for the other. Even the Bible says the relationships with those around us should be tended to before those from far away. And of course I can’t find the verse right now that I want to share it with y’all! But, it is true…look for it and let me know the location, please. 🙂

Finding a balance in today’s digital world is not easy! In truth, I have not found it yet. As I work hard to build a business, I know the online world is key to the success I desire and am truly capable of, but my relationship with  my husband is at a critical place right now.

How do I build our financial security while simultaneously building our intimacy? I have not figured that out yet. Please tell me some of you are in the same boat… I know you are even if you aren’t ready to admit it.

The past week, I left my business on the sidelines, except for an in person meeting that was previously scheduled. My marriage needed me to do it, but I can’t continue to do that and expect my business to grow.

So, what is the answer to my dilemma? The answer I have right now is scheduling and organization.

I agree with those of you who feel like I just cursed like a sailor…but this is the reality we live in unless we have the means and desire to exclude ourselves from the world we live in and live in seclusion in some remote area. While that may sound tempting, many of us would not fare so well being cut off from society as we know it, which is why we come back to balance.

Organization and scheduling are necessary for balance.

There. I said it. I have to learn to be organized and schedule my time or I will not be able to build the life I dream of.

For those of you who  know me well, you know this is not going to be an easy feet. Some of you may be of the mistaken impression that I am an organized individual. However, I am not… I desire organization to the point where I try over and over to create it, but maintaining it has always been my downfall.

Not. any. more!

I am determined to build both my marriage and my business. It will take organization, planning, and scheduling, with a little mercy and flexibility thrown it.

Does that sound hard? You betcha bottom dollar it does! But, I have a feeling this experience will be worth every bit of difficulty… Watch me or join me, you decide. I still know you will get more out of it by coming on the journey with me, but if you aren’t ready, that is okay too.

Be brilliant. Be amazing. Make it a brilliant and amazing day too!



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