9/25/17 Poems from a fresh start


One word, so desired, yet so untrue.


Non existent, raptly sought, yet unachievable.

Why do we set impossible standards? Such unrealistic goals?

We seek, we search, we strive… for what?

I do not know.



The Definition of Beauty

— a warm golden glow as the cheery morning sun appears on the distant horizon

— a delicate red rose glistening with morning dew.

— a moment of quiet peace cherished by a sleepless mother.

— a tender heartfelt cry from a satisfied newborn babe.

— a lover’s heated kiss in a moment of pure passion.

— a harried teacher’s pride-filled smile at a struggling student’s success.

— a furious stroke of the pen from a writer’s tormented soul.

— a carefully created masterpiece from an artist’s brilliant mind.




An alarm sounds…

The new day begins.

What will it bring?

The choice belongs to you.


The rooster crows…

The morning is new.

What happens next?

We get to decide.


A baby cries…

The new day is fading.

What has become of it?

Don’t wait and see.


The sun is now setting.

The new day is ending.

What did you do with it?

Reflect and be pleased.

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