What Should I Say? A poem for Grandma Corkery – January 2016

What should I say?

What should I feel?

How can I move on?

What happens next?

Questions, questions, racing through my mind.

The answers I seek, I may not actually find.

Thankful for time I already had.

Wishing for more, while feeling so sad.

Family, friends, loved ones galore.

But all of us feeling we wish for one more.

Our farewell was sudden,

We were not prepared.

One more moment with you,

One more laugh or goodbye,

Is all that we’ve hoped for since you decided to fly.

The heavens were waiting, not one second more

Could Grandpa keep waiting, for his Buddy to soar.

We’ll miss you, we love you, but we’re happy you’re free.

We’re thankful we had you,

In good times and bad,

We’ll care for each other,

Every time we feel sad.

We’ll remember your laughing,

And the love that you’ve shown.

One day we will see you,

When God calls us home.


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